35455 Center Ridge Road

North Ridgeville, OH 44039

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 *Sorry with everyone's safety in mind, no pedestrians or bicycles can be served in the drive-thru lane.

We apologize for any disappointment any of our temporary policies may cause, but as the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. 


For the time being, our front windows will remain closed, and we are going to be operating as a drive-thru only, with a limited menu available for our new pre-ordered, curbside carry-out option.  To skip straight to our online store, click here



All of our team members this year have been with us since at least last year, and many of them are DG veterans who have been with us for several years. You might even recognize them with their masks on!  Our team members understand and will implement our new safety procedures which include:


  • Team members are aware of the symptoms of COVID-19 and will not come to work if they or any family members are exhibiting symptoms. 

  • Temperatures will be taken as soon as they get to work, and if they have an elevated temperature they will go home.

  • Frequent hand-washing has always been a big part of our in-house Dairy Grove practices, but will now be done even more frequently. 

  • Counter-tops and all high-touch areas will be regularly wiped-down with a food safe sanitizer. 

  • Team members will be wearing masks which cover their mouth and nose.

  • Due to social distancing, our staff will have to be smaller, to allow for social distancing within our small workspace. 

  • One employee, wearing gloves, will be responsible for all credit card and cash transactions and will not be responsible for running dessert orders. If you see them ‘just standing around’, this is being done purposely & for your protection, to prevent any potential cross-contamination. 

  • All desserts will go out in sealed containers. We are now selling ice cream cones, using our new fangled "ice cream paddle". After each use, the paddle is sanitized twice. First with a food-grade 80% alcohol, and then again with a food safe sanitizer. 


  • Because there is no way that we could keep up with safe sanitation practices, we have closed our playground, guest bathroom and are not providing picnic tables, garbage cans or benches for your visit. We really regret this loss, but believe it is in everyone’s best interest. 


We know the line can be long, and we truly appreciate your patience and cheers of "We Made It!" when you get to the window. So sit back, listen to some good music and we'll be running to get to your car as soon as possible.  Thanks for coming!! 


We can’t wait to see you all back at the Dairy Grove! 

Dairy Grove

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