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How do I get one of those sweet jobs?

You can go to the WORK AT DAIRY GROVE! page, download the application, and mail it in! We do most of our hiring in March before we open in April, so get your applications in early.

Why is the Drive-Thru so slow?

It's not, you're just anxious for ice cream! No, really, we average one car every 3 minutes and 20 seconds (we counted). This includes taking an order, completing the payment transaction and making all of those desserts from scratch and to your liking, no matter how large or small the order. I assure you that at no time, is anyone dawdling or standing around on a busy night. But if you have four cars in front of you, on average, it could take ten or twelve minutes to get through to the window. And much is dependent on the orders of the cars in front of you. Turn on some good music and relax, and please know we're hustling to get to you as soon as possible. :)

Why are you more expensive than your competitors?

Some of our items are more expensive than our competitors' for the same reason that the Cheesecake Factory is more expensive than McDonald's; quality and selection. You can find ice cream that is cheaper than ours, but we don't think you'll find any ice cream stand that brings a better quality or selection than we bring to you. The ice cream we serve is real ice cream, not a cheap ice-milk product. We pride ourselves on bringing in a wide variety of items, including Dole Soft Serve products, house-made sherbets with organic ingredients, and premium brand hard scoop ice creams. And we top our sundaes with real whipped cream, nuts, and a cherry. We could keep prices lower and bring you the same cheap products as everyone else, but that's not the way we roll! You're out for a treat, you deserve the best, and you can taste the difference.

How old is the Dairy Grove?

The Dairy Grove was built by John Ford and his wife in 1961. Rumor has it that he dug out the basement by hand! We are the fourth family to own the business since 1961 and many of the same treats are still in existence, like our ancient Orange Sherbet Recipe and some of our house made novelties.

Dairy Grove has a basement?


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